If you are going to be splitting a log at this time, that would have to be one huge chunk of wood, wouldn’t it. Those of you in the lumber trade know all about such efforts. Manual labor, long hours and some mistakes may have proved quite costly to some. Then there is the matter of time, where some customers just can’t wait another day more. So, what is a poor lumberjack to do? Well, he’s already using an electric chain saw.

And if he’s still out in the woods, he’ll be using the gas alternative. Back in the yard, he’s now splitting a fresh batch of logs. The job should not take too much longer because this time, he’s managing the job well enough with just one or two extra pairs of hands and a mighty fine electric log splitter as well. And if they really need to split the logs out in the woods, they can always stick with gas. Lumbering the log splitter with them is no big issue because these are portable implements.

electric log splitter

They may night be the lightest of instruments, that would be counterproductive to the work at hand, but that’s really okay because where have these lumberjacks been all these years. And where did those fine muscles come from. Not from thin air, that much we know. The point is, the advantages of relying on portable and electrical (or gas) instruments has been made clear enough. It is a matter of trade and it is certainly a big help in the lumberjack industry.

The tool comes in handy for industrial sized furniture manufacturers as well. Costs, hours and mishaps are spared. And still plenty of time to jack about just because he can.